Let us work together to create a better future for Muslims.

We are a Muslim non-profit organization supported by an experienced team with business, technology, and marketing expertise to help grow and strengthen our religious image.

Our mission as an organization is to be the digital backbone partner of the Muslim Ummah. We are here to amplify the good voice of our Masjid's and religious leaders with the approach of becoming a self-sustainable Muslim Ummah!

We want to connect all 1.95 billion Muslims through technology, regardless of nationality or language. Our goal is to improve and promote the future of our Ummah.

Our supporters


An app to connect
1.9 Billion muslims

At Umma, we’ve built a networking site designed for Muslims, where you can share and talk about ideas, ask for and give advice, get support from your community—all with the comfort of knowing that what you see is halal (Islamically permissible) content.

Curated & monitored halal content

We monitor and curate culturally appropriate content for our Muslim users, making navigating through the platform safe and secure for you and your loved ones.

Giving a voice to Imamfluencers

We’re building a studio to help scholars record and broadcast their lectures at the highest quality, so that more people can benefit from their knowledge.

Charity Fundraising

On our platform, you can easily donate to charity. We make it easy for masjeds to keep track of all donations, and for everyone to know how and where their money is being used.

Supporting local community businesses

With our halal map, you can discover nearby Muslim-owned businesses and help them thrive. The more Muslims support each other, the stronger our community becomes.


We’ve invested our own time and money into developing the Umma app, but we still need your help to make it grow.

Grow our

A small team of passionate Muslims created the Ummah app, but we have big plans to expand. Our core team is looking for more people who want to help us connect millions of Muslims around the world. If you’re a translator, graphic designer, developer or community manager, please reach out to volunteer or donate today.


Grow our

We have funded the development of the Ummah App to this point, but we need continued support from all of you as our user base continues to grow. For the moment, we will be increasing the capacity of our servers so they can handle more users. We will also need to equip additional team members to help us with customer support and marketing.



Many scholars make valuable contributions on social media platforms, but they don’t always have the technology or equipment needed to create high-quality content. Our organization would like to “build a studio” where these scholars can benefit from the latest technologies and help make an even greater impact than they already do.


Help us get to our Goal: $1,275,000

We understand that when you make a  donation, you want to know exactly where your money is going and we pledge to be transparent.

35% Marketing
30% Team Expansion
15% Servers
15% Streaming Studio
5% Legal & Administration

Let's make a difference and grow the Muslim umma.